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Into Oblivion by Maja Daniels

“A very tender and well-observed look at an institutional setting.
Smart, intellectual and still emotional.”

Our goal is to bring visual understanding and dialogue to a disease that has been in the shadows for far too long.

As a daughter of Alzheimer’s, I believe that visual storytelling can be a powerful way to advocate for the increased public and private research and spending needed to find a cure.
— Gina Martin, founder, The Bob and Diane Fund
Bob and Diane Martin in 1958, and with Gina in 2006. 

Bob and Diane Martin in 1958, and with Gina in 2006. 



I created this grant in honor of my parents. My hope is for people to understand that Alzheimer's is more than just memory loss and to recognize the heavy toll it takes on the caregiver and family. My parents taught me the importance of giving, and this is my gift to them.  more


Board of Directors

  • Gina Martin, Founder and Executive Director,
    The Bob and Diane Fund
  • Sarah Leen, Director of Photography, National Geographic Magazine
  • Maura Mulvihill, Former Senior Vice President, National Geographic Creative
  • Chip Somodevilla, Senior Photographer,
    Getty Images News

Advisory Board

  • Vincent J. Musi, Photographer
  • Christina M. Piaia, Public Interest Attorney
  • Donald Weber, Photographer
  • Patrick Witty, Deputy Director of Photography, Digital, National Geographic

Creative Team: We do whatever Gina asks

Vaughn Wallace, technical advisor | Laurie Rosenthal, Rosenthal Design | Bill Marr, MarrCreative